Tallahassee Funeral Home Market

When considering which funeral home or crematory to use, many people want to select an old name firm.  The problem is that the old-name firms in Tallahassee have sold out… and the new owners give the impression in their advertising that the original name-sake family still owns the business and/or the real estate.  They may use the original establishment date in their advertising….. yet years later, the funeral home sold out.  An interesting test is to look up the funeral home’s street address from the phone book, and go to the local property appraiser’s web site, and enter the street address into the property search database.  When you do that…. they don’t look so local anymore.  At Fairchild’s, the funeral director who works there also owns the real estate and the business.  We do not believe in using deceptive advertising before people walk through the door.